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An essay is a part of academic writing usually written from a personal standpoint. Essays usually tell the personal description, criticism and arguments which the author describes. There are several types of essays that you can write. The most familiar type of essay is an academic essay. However, there are analytical, argumentative, classification, compare and contrast, critical, demonstrative, descriptive, evaluative, explanatory, exploratory, explanatory, illustrative, informal, interpretive, literary, narrative, persuasive, scholarship essays and other essays. There are furthermore non-literary essays, which include visual arts, music and so on.

About all the essays follow unified sections that involve a 3 paragraph or 3 part styles. The first part is the introduction of the essay where the topic is introduced. The second part is the body of the essay where all relevant information is discussed. The third and last part is the conclusion of the essay.

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Write for the Reader

With the increasing trends of social media, more attention is diverted towards blogging. Also, what are the ways through which you can increase blog traffic at your web sites? Before different ways are suggested, to start off, what do we mean by blogging? As per my understanding, Blogging can be described as a website that contains a personal journal with comments, views and often hyperlinks. However, when we are writing we usually do not go for writing a blog that will grab the reader's attention. All we want to do is get the story of our head. However, writing effectively from reader's point of view is a must.

Here are several ways on how to get people to read your blog:

Write for the reader: To grab attention and to get the audience to read your blogs, make sure you come up with interesting topics that would grab the attention. Also, having something new on the blog every day is the single most important more things to build your audience.

Use attention grabbing tagline: In order to capture the attention of the audience, it is important to give out captions that are simple yet effective. Even, when you are writing a paper, or an assignment make sure you always use attention grabbing taglines, to attract the attention of the reader. Buy assignments from us, and enjoy the services that we offer!

Use of interesting pictures: To make the blog look more interesting, it is essential to post pictures. This will grab the attention of the person who is reading the blog.

Write what people want to read: Always write on a topic that people are interested in. This would help increase the traffic of people visiting your blogs and the usage rate for audience interaction will also increase. Talk about the latest happenings of the world to grab attention.

Promote your piece: To get the audience to read your piece now and then, make sure you promote your piece at different social mediums like yahoo, facebook, word press etc. Post your blogs everywhere in the blog sphere by reading and commenting on other people's articles and blogs. Pretty soon you will become known in the cyber world.

Interact with your readers: Make sure you do not ignore your readers and do not miss out the "comment" section. It is important to engage with the readers and with their feedback you can improve the way u blog.

Write because it is your passion: Do not blog because you want to make money, make sure you write because you have the passion for it? If you have the passion for it, the outcome of the blog will be will effective!

A well worded opening: Your first sentence needs to be there to grab the attention of the reader, so that curiosity of what the article is there and the reader might want to read on. For a great opening, putting in a fantastic image with relation to what you are going to write about usually helps.

Keep it short: Most readers want to get the central idea of the paper, so keep your piece nice, short and sweet. You want your results and findings to speak for themselves; do not drag on with the concept.

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